Nícolas Eberienos is a digital designer at Work & Company.
Brooklyn, NY

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I aim to work holistically from interaction to visual design,
embracing complexity to dive deep into simplicity on every detail.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I'm a designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to San Francisco, CA, in 2012 with my lovely wife – she's a textile print designer – and our two cats, Alfredo and Primavera. We explored the foggy yet beautiful city for one year and decided to move to NY. I have a very broad professional background. Back in college, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do for life. All I knew was that I needed to explore my creativity. I have a BA in industrial design, I worked as a graphic designer for over 3 years, then I decided to step aside and start working and learning more about advertising. After two years working as an art director, and over 7 years as a designer, I finally understood my path. I now work as a product designer thinking and iterating digital experiences for the web and mobile devices based on users' needs. I solve problems, explore solutions, and think that every little detail matters. I've been to 17 countries so far – over 50 cities. I'm noticeably very passionate about watching and playing soccer. I support the team that has the world's biggest club fan base, Flamengo. I play guitar since I was 8 years old, I'm now learning how to play the ukulele, my surf is rough, I either bike or walk to work, and play chess for fun. I feel that there's nothing better than hanging out with family and friends. Thanks for reading this far.

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