Nícolas Eberienos.

Brooklyn, NY.

Hello—I'm a designer.

I work holistically from interaction to visual design. I'm currently responsible for the design direction and execution of clients initiatives at Work & Co.

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, moved to San Francisco in 2012, and now I've been living in Brooklyn since mid-2013. With a very broad professional background, I have a BA in industrial design, worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 4 years, and now I think and iterate on digital experiences for the web, TV, and mobile devices.

I solve problems, explore solutions, and think that every little detail matters.

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Showtime’s TV experience

One design solution for five new platforms focused on content discovery, simplified navigation, and personalized shortcuts. It’s fast and fluid.Live on Xbox One

The new Oi.com.br

Moved to Brazil for over 2 months in mid-2014 to start a new digital communication for the largest telecommunications company in South America. At the end of 2014 Oi had 74.5 million subscribers. oi.com.br

Aden + Anais e-commerce platform

Responsive website in 30+ languages for a renowned baby’s brand that has thousands of stores in 65 countries worldwide. And yes, you'll see cute babies there — enjoy. adenandanais.com

18bis is a motion graphics studio

The interface for this website does absolutely nothing other than surface their amazing content in a quite subtle and almost imperceptible way. 18bis.tv

TF1's responsive website

Probably the hardest project I’ve worked on. Not only was the content reorganized (news, videos, reviews, social aspects, and etc) but the umbrella of sub-brands were also connected by cross-media elements. TF1 is the most viewed television channel in Europe.

Lookout protects 70 million+ users

I worked at Lookout for over a year and had the pleasure of rethinking and iterating on some of their main products: the new desktop web app, visual languages for the Android app, iPhone and iPad experiences, new security products, and some small marketing/communication websites.

Grupo Sal is a design agency in Rio

Digital showcase with a simple overview of their clients range. The visual language gravitated towards minimalist elements and specific color pallete. gruposal.com.br

G1 Economy iPad app

Designed to reach a wide audience in Brazil, from beginners to savvy users, the app launched in 2012 had a user-friendly real time information, market data and corporate news, and also allowed users to personalize and compare stock information.

Brazilian soccer championship

With a rather intuitive navigation, the app was fed by the internet sport division of Globo TV with exclusive content such as news, stats, play-by-play, highlight videos and real time coverage of matches. It basically gathered everything you should know about your favorite team on the Brazilian Championship. It was incredibly popular amongst football fans from all over Brazil in 2012, with 22k+ downloads on the first month.

Video hub on Twitter

“90% of video views on Twitter occur on a mobile device”. Marketing website that aims to highlight the benefits of promoting video on the Twitter platform, with successful stories and information pieces of how to create, share, and measure your marketing campaigns.